Seeking Peace in Distorted Reflections

We have a cabin in the woods. It is majestic and peaceful. A couple of miles away is a small man-made lake with a sandy beach. Mornings at the lake are my favorite time of day. The water is like glass. You can step out on the dock and look back at a near perfect reflection.

As the day goes on and people begin to play along the shore and in the lake, the water changes. Cannonballs, dives, and paddle-boats turn the water into a constant churning expression of the fun and laughter being had everywhere. The distortions are evident and there is no resemblance of the peace that once encompassed the lake.

Winters at the lake are much the same. The glassy look of the morning lake is changed by the forces of nature. Windy weather, rain, and the occasional snowstorm change the surface of the water, once again distorting the glass and making reflections unrecognizable.

These conditions could also describe the way we see our image on our walk with the Lord. When the waters of life are calm, it is easy to see who He made us each to be. In these seasons we are able to grow and see the beauty of being His creation, unique and special.

When the rapids of life start to take hold, whether good or bad, it is harder to see the clear picture of His design within us. We get swept up in the world and it threatens to change our thoughts, opinions, and even our effectiveness in doing the Lord’s work.

In these moments we must reach into the deep. We must rely on the calm that lies beneath the upheaval on the surface. The deeper our faith, the more likely we will be to find the calm. In those deep waters, once again our reflection becomes clear and unaltered. He wants us to know Him and rely on Him in all seasons of life.

It is important we examine our walk each day and identify the peace of the Lord, no matter how close or far from the surface it lies.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

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