Unhappy Anniversary… Check-In With People

March 13th…365 days ago.  

365 days of change, unrealized expectations, isolation, depression, loss, hurt, anger, fear, frustration.

365 days of waiting to return to normal.

365 days of hoping for a tomorrow that hasn’t happened yet.

365 days of bucking the system and not wanting to be controlled by popular opinion, social media, the government.

365 days of thinking just a few more days and things will get better.

Who can identify?

Who knows someone who can identify?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room (aka the pandemic in our world).

As we approach an anniversary we don’t want to recognize, let’s help each other, lift each other up, and BE KIND, BE LOVE, BE PEACE, BE UNDERSTANDING.

For those living all the feels and all the experiences listed above, we need to acknowledge that the 13th will be hard.  

If you are struggling, reach out.

If you aren’t struggling, reach out to those who are.   Just send a simple text, post, message, or pick up the phone and check in.  

Let others know they are not alone.  Let others know they are special, loved, and that this is still temporary.

The best way to face our own struggles is to look past ourselves and help those in need around us.

Are your kids okay?

Is your family okay?

Are your co-workers, friends, and neighbors okay?

Listen with love.  

You may just save a life.

Galatians 6:2

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