Will You Sink When Hard Times Hit?

“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.”  A good friend shared this quote with me a few years ago and it stuck.  I tried to find who the credit should go to for this quote and there wasn’t a definite answer, although it is frequently credited to an anonymous Navy Seal.  

Meditate it on a minute.  Think about intense emotions, both elation and despair.  How we react speaks volumes about our training and little about what we think we’d do in any given situation.  

As I sit here typing this I could ask myself, if all of a sudden there was a car accident and I found myself at the scene, how would I react?  I’d like to think I’d pull off the road and lend a hand.  I have first aid and CPR training and those should kick in (afterall I took a class and carry a card).  

Yet, in reality I might actually be in too much shock to help.  I might panic and be unable to recall how to perform CPR.  I don’t know that I would even remember my personal protective equipment and to make sure the scene is safe.  I don’t go through the training often enough to stay completely current with how to handle these situations and I’ve only been in emergency situations like this a few times.  

The same can be said of how we approach our relationship with the Lord.  If I’m faced with a crisis, I think I’d turn to God.  That is the expectation and what I’m told I should do and it sounds like the best solution, but if I’m not learning about God and what it looks like to turn to Him I am going to sink to a much different response.  

My training in the Lord’s ways, His word, and a regular prayer life are all training I need in times of prosperity so I’m not caught off-guard when bad things happen.  Life can pivot in an instant.  This world is broken but I have options on how I approach it each day.  I can live in fear of the next tragedy, I can be swept away in the waves that come crashing around me, or I can remain steadfast in the Lord’s truth and learn to listen for His guidance.  

Biblically speaking, this is the way believers who grow deep roots soak up what the Lord has for them.  This enables us to stand firm when everything else gives way.  It also trains us to give Him the glory when life is good too! 

Think about the best and worst possible scenarios that could happen in your life.  Would you turn to God first?  If not, why?  Take your answer to the Lord and let Him guide you in training for life in a broken and unpredictable world. 

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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