Warped Theology The World Can’t Hurt Me

Have you ever read a Bible verse and then gotten mad at the Lord, thinking if you mean it then why am I…  

In scripture we read, “If God is for us, who is against us?” Romans 8:31  If I am honest, I have read this verse time and again and although I don’t doubt the truth of God’s word, I have always been perplexed because I can think of times in my life when people have definitely been against me.

So, what did I miss?  Did I do something wrong? Did I not earn His protection?  It must be me if God’s word is faithful, right?  Wrong!

Mistake #1: I have read it without focusing on the word “who”.  I have generalized it to think nothing would come against me (meaning who or what could stand against me).  God’s word didn’t mean this statement to make me feel invincible in life.  In fact, if we were invincible and thought our faith could spare us from pain, why would we feel the need to keep approaching the Lord for a relationship?  We could take our salvation and just move forward with an invisible force field to protect us from the pain, weariness, and hurts of life.  It sounds silly as I commit my misconception to words now.

Mistake #2: God will keep us from encountering and interacting with people who could hurt us.  People who are dangerous will veer around us and we can be assured that those we interact with will be safe and loving.  This is absolutely false.  The world is broken and we are surrounded by broken people who will hurt each other both intentionally and unintentionally.  Hurt comes from friends, spouses, parents, kids, the church, and strangers.  

Truth: When people do come against us in this world they have no standing to distance us from the love of the Lord. They can try to slander us, destroy us here on this earth, but it has no bearing on our standing before God.  He loves us and knows the true intentions of our hearts.  When people cast doubt on our character or our worth He draws us closer because He is for us.  

As I meditated on this verse the Lord reminded me that my name has been drug through the mud on more than one occasion without validity.  Each time, my instinct has been self-preservation.  If it isn’t true then I want to clear the air.  I would like to take a megaphone and explain myself.  How dare someone make up false information based on speculation and then spread it to others.  

Quite honestly when it happens it makes me angry, but when I approach the Lord and ask Him what I should do, He tells me to be still.  God knows who I am, and no one can stand between Him and I.  The most important relationship in my life will always be preserved.  I will always find love and acceptance in His arms when I am in the right, even if others hear a different story.  

I wish I could tell you eventually those that come against us will be silenced and false statements will die away, but even now years later, sometimes people ask me to explain myself about things that never happened.  I have peace in knowing that in the end Jesus wins.  In the end, the question remains true and unchanging: 

“If God is for us, who is against us?” Romans 8:31

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