Sand Dollar Moments

Sand dollars are rare and delicate. They come in a variety of shapes and vary in design, making them especially exciting to happen upon. This is much like insights the Lord gives us through the Bible and His people. My prayer is that each post be just what God has for you and reminds you of His love, provision, and necessity in your life. God Bless!

There is so much discontent and unrest in the world. Instead of trying to grasp at temporary happiness that doesn’t satisfy, let’s turn to the Lord and let Him fill us. This is how we live with peace and joy all the time.

The Belt Test

There have been so many treats pass through our house these past few months.  There have been cupcakes, pies, homemade cookies, peanut butter cups, chocolate galore, and chocolate covered strawberries.  And now it is Girl Scout cookie season, with Thin Mints to tempt me at the entrance of every store I enter.   If I indulgedContinue reading “The Belt Test”

Sometimes I Feel…

Sometimes I feel silly. Sometimes I feel hurt. Sometimes I feel angry. Sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes I feel excited. Sometimes I feel loved. Sometimes I feel scared. And sometimes I feel so many things at once and sometimes my emotions change every few minutes. YET…I smile because I am loved by God, I amContinue reading “Sometimes I Feel…”

I Loved You First

“I love you, I love you more, I loved you first.”  Everyone wants to be loved, to know their value and worth to others, yet for so many, there is a lingering disappointment that we aren’t loved fully and completely by others.  We were designed to crave love, to feel secure and nurtured, to feelContinue reading “I Loved You First”


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