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The Two Month Sabbatical: An Educator’s Guide to Rest and Renewal with the Lord

Year after year educators chase a rest that escapes them during their summer vacation, but this summer will be different. The Two Month Sabbatical encourages those seeking rest to find it in the Lord. The book is broken up into eight weeks focusing on different aspects of the renewal of spirit, self, relationships, and ministry. This book encourage readers to spend time with the Lord growing closer and deeper in relationship with Him. Educators will complete this time of sabbatical with a new outlook on how they are spending their mental and physical energy. They will learn how to prioritize their interactions with others to rekindle and deepen those relationships that are most important in their lives. Finally, educators will be empowered in their careers as they reflect on it as a calling, not just a job. This sabbatical will leave a noticeable impact on those who choose to embark on this journey.

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Public School, Public Faith, Private Prayer

Public School, Public Faith, Private Prayer is a bible study written for those working in the public school setting. It is meant to inspire, uplift, rejuvenate, and remind us that the work we are doing is for the Lord. Every challenge, every child, and every success should be lifted up to the Lord. This study is designed to be completed over a 6 week period. Each week opens with a teaching lesson and is followed by five days of homework. The curriculum is designed to remind educators that our job is indeed a calling and despite what we have been led to believe, we need to take God to school with us everyday. The study can be done with or without the teaching lessons.

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