The Curtain is Torn, Yet I Hide

Sin…my daily life is full of it.  Today I am guilty of eating more than I should, treating the scale as an idol, getting angry at well meaning people, using harsh language, gossiping, pride, comparison, and negative self talk.  The sad thing is as far as my sinful nature is concerned I would consider thisContinue reading “The Curtain is Torn, Yet I Hide”

Dandelion Thoughts…Scattered and Distracted

At some point almost every child learns how to blow on a fluffy dandelion and watch the seeds scatter into the wind.  As a child I took every opportunity to scatter a dandelion.  The trickiest part of the process was trying to pull the dandelion from the plant without ruining the seed cloud.  If IContinue reading “Dandelion Thoughts…Scattered and Distracted”

Mostly Ripe Fruit and the Mostly Honest Christian

I have a plum tree in my backyard and it is currently full of fruit.  The fruit is almost ripe enough to eat.  Plums are a tricky fruit because they can be so sweet and full of flavor in one bite and bitter in the very next taste.  Our plums turn from green to aContinue reading “Mostly Ripe Fruit and the Mostly Honest Christian”

The Sun Chasing Sunflower and the Light of the Lord

The Lord created mysteries all around us that the scientific world tries to label and explain, but for all their insight and speculation there aren’t clear answers.  One of these mysteries is the sun chasing sunflower. From a young age, these flowers face east and follow the sun across the sky to the west.  Remarkably,Continue reading “The Sun Chasing Sunflower and the Light of the Lord”

Singing in (and After) the Rain: Cancer…yes or no?

About a month ago I went to a doctor’s appointment and found out I had an 8x6cm solid ovarian mass.  The doctor informed me that given my age, and other factors it was a strong possibility that this could be cancer.  I can now say with confidence I understand the season of waiting for theContinue reading “Singing in (and After) the Rain: Cancer…yes or no?”

More Tattered, Yet Loved Deeply

Yesterday I listened to the story of the Velveteen Rabbit.  I’ve heard the story before but it’s been a long time.  I was reminded that it is a beautiful story of love.  It starts out telling about a little stuffed rabbit, given to a boy as a Christmas gift.  The little rabbit was stunning toContinue reading “More Tattered, Yet Loved Deeply”

Skipping Stones on Moral Waters

When I was a child I wanted so badly to be able to skip stones across the water.  It was fascinating to me that rocks could bounce off a liquid surface multiple times before finally settling far into the lake.   My cousins and childhood friends tried to teach me how on multiple occasions.  They wouldContinue reading “Skipping Stones on Moral Waters”

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

As a young child I remember being petrified of being caught alone in the dark.  It was pure terror to be surrounded by darkness.  I thought there were surely monsters or bad guys waiting to jump out and hurt me the minute all the lights went out.  My heart would start pounding and my eyesContinue reading “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

Walking Toward the Waves of Faith

Whenever I go to the ocean I have a need to walk along the water’s edge.  I love the feel of the water flowing across the sand, crossing over my feet, and cascading to a stop at different points along the shore.  This is the safest way to feel the ocean and experience just aContinue reading “Walking Toward the Waves of Faith”

A Car Ride with God

I have very active kids at home and one of my standing jobs has become a taxi service. I drive kids to school, sports, church, and a multitude of other events that spring up as we do daily life. These car rides are where a lot of life happens for our family. There are arguments,Continue reading “A Car Ride with God”