Excuses 1:1

“All scripture is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, training in righteousness, and justification of sin” Excuses 1:1     This is not an actual scripture in the Bible, nor is this a book of the Bible, yet it does have parts of a scripture taken from the book of Second Timothy.  The point being that theContinue reading “Excuses 1:1”

What If Lightning Strikes?

The thought of being struck by lightning is enough for us to pay attention and take precautions to avoid the lightning strike.  People typically don’t go outside in a lightning storm.  People also don’t go swimming when lightning is in the area.  These precautions make sense, but once we take every precaution we can, weContinue reading “What If Lightning Strikes?”

When You Focus on the Missing Piece You Miss the Point

I think my love for puzzles comes from my childhood memories of putting them together with my grandma.  She would sit for hours with a puzzle and put it together and I found so much joy in joining her.  I loved the thrill of debating about whether to put the border together first, or justContinue reading “When You Focus on the Missing Piece You Miss the Point”

A Sneaky Taste and a Blessing Deferred 

I love to bake sugar cookies with the kids, lather them in frosting and sprinkles and then enjoy them with the family.  This has been a tradition of baking that began with my mom and has been passed on to my kids.  After the initial taste testing there are always plenty of cookies to lastContinue reading “A Sneaky Taste and a Blessing Deferred “

Living in Fear, Living for Me

I have felt left out. I have been rejected. I have had my trust betrayed. I have been hurt. I have been afraid of being rejected. I have made life about me. Every single statement I just made is true and each of those statements makes me fearful of reaching out in relationships to others..Continue reading “Living in Fear, Living for Me”

“I’ll Pray for You”, Maybe, but Probably Not

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll pray for you”?  Have you ever told someone, “I’ll pray for you”?  Here’s a harder question, have you ever told someone, “I’ll pray for you” and then…not prayed?  My answers, yes, yes, and yes.  It is embarrassing to admit that I have uttered the words I’ll pray forContinue reading ““I’ll Pray for You”, Maybe, but Probably Not”

Dandelion Thoughts…Scattered and Distracted

At some point almost every child learns how to blow on a fluffy dandelion and watch the seeds scatter into the wind.  As a child I took every opportunity to scatter a dandelion.  The trickiest part of the process was trying to pull the dandelion from the plant without ruining the seed cloud.  If IContinue reading “Dandelion Thoughts…Scattered and Distracted”

Mostly Ripe Fruit and the Mostly Honest Christian

I have a plum tree in my backyard and it is currently full of fruit.  The fruit is almost ripe enough to eat.  Plums are a tricky fruit because they can be so sweet and full of flavor in one bite and bitter in the very next taste.  Our plums turn from green to aContinue reading “Mostly Ripe Fruit and the Mostly Honest Christian”

The Sun Chasing Sunflower and the Light of the Lord

The Lord created mysteries all around us that the scientific world tries to label and explain, but for all their insight and speculation there aren’t clear answers.  One of these mysteries is the sun chasing sunflower. From a young age, these flowers face east and follow the sun across the sky to the west.  Remarkably,Continue reading “The Sun Chasing Sunflower and the Light of the Lord”

Singing in (and After) the Rain: Cancer…yes or no?

About a month ago I went to a doctor’s appointment and found out I had an 8x6cm solid ovarian mass.  The doctor informed me that given my age, and other factors it was a strong possibility that this could be cancer.  I can now say with confidence I understand the season of waiting for theContinue reading “Singing in (and After) the Rain: Cancer…yes or no?”